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We offer two main services to businesses. We have a video cartoonization app and a photo cartoonization app. Read below for an overview. Download the paper on the main page to get a more detailed understanding of how we can help you.

Video Cartoonization Services 


    The main app we offer to businesses is our Video Cartoonizer App. Our video app takes a user video and generates a cartoonized version of that video, with full audio from the original video. If the video is of a group singing the happy birthday song, the user will hear that in the cartoon version of the video as well. These videos can be of any length. This is something no one else offers at business scale. This gives you another revenue source, but also allows you to do something that similar businesses do not offer. Because of the highly visual nature of our videos, people will post them on social media, giving you free advertising. You have something kids will want. We will strive to integrate our capabilities into your existing technology and your existing profit centers. We are large enough to provide unique technology but small enough to customize things for your business. Talk to us and we will build a solution specific to your business to enhance your success.



Photography Cartoonization Services:


    The other service we offer is our picture cartoonizer app, which will allow your guests to upload pictures and get them turned into cartoonized images instantly, and download to their phone. We offer this for a flat monthly rate of $25.00/month per location. You are welcome to offer this for free, or charge users to access this feature. This is an exciting product that enhances their experience at your establishment, and also is something they will share on social media, increasing your exposure. All the kids who see their friends posting the cartoon pictures will also want that experience. 

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