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Unreasonable People NFTs

We are currently offering one of the most unique 10K NFT collections to exist. We have a pop art style, and are the only large collection that we are aware of that lets users be incorporated into the art. That is one of our main goals!. Each of our NFTs has  a separate tier, each which comes with a number of NFTs we will generate based on the image you choose to upload. (Warning in advance, if you 'look like a famous person', we have the right to say no and make you send another picture.) Half of the NFTs we generate will be airdropped to you. All tiers get to have fun with our monthly contests, where we ask for an image or video, and the top selections get that image or video turned into an NFT, which they will own. We do mind blowing work with both images and short clips. Anyways, for full details, see our Discord server at We also have our general guidelines and a more detailed description of our project below. Also, follow our main twitter accounts  at @filmmagiconline, or @NFTUnreasonable.

Unreasonable People NFT Collection on Open Sea: Official Drop 7/15/22


This is a multi collaborative effort between several artists and technologists. To make the most of this opportunity, we wanted  to bring on diverse talents and abilities.

NFT Description:

We are the ‘Unreasonable People’ collection. We want to celebrate the people who are a part of the NFT experience. They don’t listen to outdated advice. They know what is right. What is valuable. What is art. We want to give you what is yours. We are a collection of 10,000 initial NFTs, built from a combination of different faces and style combinations. Where we differ from most static collections is that we want to make you a part of the journey. We want to make you unreasonable too! We have Four tiers of NFT cards. Each, unique. 

For all tiers, we will invite you to an NFT restricted discord chat, so that only people who have that tier of card and are eligible for that month, are able to access the channel.  In tier 1, on the month of your tier card (labeled 1-12), we will invite you to an exclusive channel in our discord chat. You upload an image within that channel (presumably of yourself, a friend, or a loved one.) and we will turn that into 10 NFTs, using a combination of our artists and technologists. It will look a lot like our initial collection, but with the similarities in terms of facial features of the image you uploaded. We will airdrop your account 5 of those NFTs, with us keeping the other 5. All you pay are the gas fees for Matic. Tier 2 works exactly the same way, but there are only 6 NFTs produced, with you getting 3, and us getting 3. Tier 3 involves only two NFTs produced, with you keeping one, and us keeping one. Tier 4 is more open. All of tiers 1-3 are also eligible for Tier 4 NFT rewards. We will run at least monthly contests, where we specify the type of image or short video we are looking or. This could be ‘We want an image of you making a funny face’ or it could be ‘we want an image of a cute puppy’.  Find or take the video that you think would be most intriguing to us. This is a game of skill. We will announce the specific contest each month, with the number of winners we want, typically around 50, and what we are offering to those winners each time we make a specific contest announcement. We would like to add to our tier 4 offer, giving our NFT holder's more interesting things,but for now can only promise what is specified as a feature until we are sure we can guarantee it.


We are officially selling the NFTs on July 15th, 2022. We think this is a firm date, but have the option of moving it back by no more than five days. Submissions for NFT owner inspired NFTs for Tiers 1-3 will begin August 1st, 2022. Channels specific to a tier and month, with August 2022 being coded as 1, and with each following month being codes as 2,3, etc. will be created on the first of the month. Only owners with the correct tier and month can enter that channel. We will announce on Twitter and Discord that the channels are open. Each owner has until the 15th of the month to submit 1 image. If no image is uploaded, we will arbitrarily pick or draw one. Our artists will then take that image, create a caricature of it, and style it. Even if we do not receive a picture from you, we will airdrop the agreed upon number of newly generated images to the owner of the NFT’s wallet. Each channel for a given month and tier will last for 1 month. Contests for all tiers 1-4 where users try to find the best image representing what we want in a contest, will be done flexibly, with 1 week taken for responses so that people have time to respond.

Type of Sale:

We plan on running a dutch auction for our NFTs. If there are strong opinions for not doing this, let us know!

Number of NFTs:

There are 10,000 initial NFTs, but unlike most NFT collections, this one is not static, we will grow the number of NFTs each month starting in August, 2022.

How do I get airdropped NFTs?:

Beginning with the launch date, we will run at least weekly promotions on Twitter and Discord. Follow our instructions, and 5-10 people will get the chance to be airdropped a free NFT. Specific contests will have different instructions and different amounts of free NFTs available.

Safety Tips:

We will only ever ask you for your public wallet address. At no time do we need your private key or any type of passwords. If someone claims to be one of us and asks for something like that, delete the message. We won't ever dm you about our NFTs in a way where you would need to give any private information. Similarly, we will never DM you a link. There is no reason for it. In general, be very careful of DM’s regarding NFTs or crypto. SImilarly, we will never DM you links of any kind. If someone does, be very cautious.

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