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What we do

We are a new promotional company that creates animated promotional videos. We bring exciting characters, and unique animated effects. We give you both a beautiful animated video that hypes your project, along with helping to directly promote your project on social media. We can do so much more than typical content producers, and, particularly for animated videos, at a miniscule fraction of the price. We combine unqiue, but effective, visual effects,  with engaging  content about your project.


How does it work?

Fill out the form below. We will do an initial veneration of the project, and if it meets our initial guidelines, we will email you. Note! We don't allow any scams or other shenanigans! This is only an initial check, and our contacting you does not guarantee us working together. We only want quality projects.  We will email you back if you pass our initial check. We have two different forms currently for our two lines of promotion. Currently, we are doing any type of crypto project (whether that be an NFT project, ICO, etc.) and bars or nightclubs. We will expand our options for promotion going forward!

Check out example videos here on our YouTube Channel, and be sure to follow our twitter account!

Tell Us About Your Project

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